Gun-Britt Sundstedt

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Throughout my adult life I have been working as a colorist and artist. I trained as a cartographer in the upper teens, but my work at various architectural firms gave more assignments as colorist, for example, residential areas and public institutions.


Some clients have been JM AB, Besqab AB, Peab AB, Svenska Bostäder, Järntorget AB. The ambition as colourist has always been to achieve a good and enriching environment in collaboration with the architecture. As an artist I have the freedom in addition to colors, lighting and decorations to work more freely.


During a summer stay outside Gamleby in southern Sweden I experienced a peace and a harmony I have not felt in many years. In 2010 I acquired a property in the tiny village of Tälläng, where I now operate. My studio and the scenery around the Eman river offers a good opportunity for me to constantly develope both technology and expression.


In 2015 I played with the idea to create a permanent exhibition hall on my grounds. The plans were put into practice and developed into what is now TÄLLÄNG ART CENTRE. There is, of course, works from my own production, but other artists will also be invited.